A - Tap wrench with reversible racket pawl - click
B - Miller with two diameters ( 5 e 7) for glow plugs drilling 8
C - Miller with two diameters ( 5,5 e 9) for glow plugs drilling 10
D - Extraction bush for glow plugs electric part
E - Fixing key for miller
F - Little drill-guide cylinder for glow plugs drilling
G - Screw 10x1 for re generation original thread on head
H - Screw 8x1 for re generation original thread on head
I - Screw UNF for thread extraction pivot
L - Extraction pivot
M - Point 3,5 for glow plug centering
N - Extraction tool
O - Shaft for miller rotation

* With compass (D) remove electric part of glow plug.
* Insert in the hole one of the little drill-guide cylinder (F) and by means of the M point drill on axis with broken glow plug.
* Insert in the rotation shaft (O) the the right miller (B for 8 glow plugs and C for 10 glow plugs) and tighten the dowel bolt with F key.
* Keep on axis with last hole made, drill with correct miller the glow plug. At the end of the work, well have a glow plug with a deep hole 5.5 and on the surface a hole with diameters 7-9, it depend of the glow plug to remove.
* With glow plugs 8, the miller made a hole 7 that cleared away the thread of glow plug only in the part connected on glow plug body; the outer crest of thread, on haed, is still present.
* Blow away with air inside the hole for remove filing.
* Assemble a suitable screw (G or H) on Tap wrench (A) and to finish off the glow plugs thread in the head for remove the residual thread and blow away with air again the hole

!!! Is better to finish off the original thread before remove the part of broken glow plug, because blowing away with air after drilling the filing will go into the cylinder.

* Assemble the screw (I) on Tap wrench A and to thread the hole 5.5 create inside the glow plug with previous miller drilling.
* Blowing away again with air.
* Assemble the pivot L on extraction tool N and screw in the pivot the new thread.
* To lean extraction tool on head at the beginning of glow plugs hole and, keep still the 12 central hexagon of extraction pivot, to rotate clockwise the nut 30. The internal pivot will go back pull heads outside the glow plugs part remained in the engines head.
* Verify that inside the hole there isnt waste and that original thread is clean and restored; insert a new glow plug.


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