Our sets of injectors, pump elements and valves are designated to the main injection systems for diesel engines. They can find an application on:

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 Common Rail

Wide set of injectors and revisionated pump of main manufacturer. The catalogue is available for reference, it allows a quickly research for find the injectors of our production, of any equipment dealing, starting to carís type. The revision consist in complete disassembly of piece, cleaning, removal of grease with last generation wash-machine and sand-blasting; this process bring back to optimal condition the body of injector/pump, allowing the reassembly with new components, calibration and bench-test of every article for guarantee the complete and optimal working.


Our experience and our knowledge allowed us to group and/or to change nozzles, pump elements and valves in similar families, this for permit better stocking in store, including with a single family more than one wide-consumer article.

 Diesel stores

D.I.M. Srl offers a complete catalogue of diesel spares compatible with main trade-marks on market, offering the possibility to compare larger number of articles with nozzles, pump elements and valves manufactured by us.


Thanks to experience of our technicians we can offer a good deal of industrial nozzles that are hard to find on market, it can be utilizes on foaming-machines, oleodynamics-machines and proportioning device.


Updated catalogue with technical drawing, application and original reference of pump elements, valve and nautical nozzles

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